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Oh God, Batman

2009-04-17 21:45:29 by IronTiger63

Even though "no one gives a fuck" (Lord of the Flies, Pg. 73), I thought I might as well let you know that shit nobody cares about has been postponed because Candie got a computer virus. However, YOU can contribute to this collab/something or another! PM me for the details.

Also, my Xbox Live account got stolen over spring break.

Also, my imaginary smoking hot girlfriend just blew me. Shit was so cash.

Oh God, Batman

Asher Died: Collection 1

2009-03-24 20:15:52 by IronTiger63

I'm currently working with UStoleMahCandie (his profile) on a small compilation entitled Asher Died: Collection 1. There's not much to it, just an inside joke that turned deadly. Be ready to watch Asher die in a variety of ways, both gory and peaceful, within the coming weeks. I worked most of the last weekend on this and got quite a bit of work done, and it is now in the hands of Candie. Good times. It's a black and white masterpiece.

Also, my birthday's on Sunday.

Asher Died: Collection 1


2008-12-26 16:52:02 by IronTiger63

Hello, NG.
Well, I got a Wacom Intuos3 drawing tablet for Christmas, so that means I can finally start some serious animation. My project may be a bit ambitious for an amateur like me, but I really want to do this animation.

Anyways, it's entitled "Cashality!"

It's centered around the character "Sub-Zero" from Mortal Kombat except that this has virtually nothing to do with the Mortal Kombat series, aside from the fact that the main character is from it. Anyways, Sub-Zero is a crime fighter in LA and he does stuff.

This started out as a project for my English class, as we had to make a comic about a hero's journey. I took it a bit overboard and made a 47 page epic in Photoshop, spending a total of about 5 hours. This was before I had the tablet though. Taking that comic to heart, I started a flash that more or less follows it, adding and reducing as necessary.

There really isn't much of a reason to post this, but I have nothing better to do.

Anyways, if you want to read the original comic, it's here:

Have fun.